Often, you’ll know you need a project manager to manage your projects. Popular consensus suggests that to deliver a project you need somebody full-time to manage it. But often, the cost of hiring and retaining a full- time project manager can be prohibitive. If your projects are big enough to be managed but you can’t justify the cost of doing so, 5 days a week for 6 months, we can help!

With projectManager we offer a solution that makes sure your project(s) get the attention, leadership and management they need to be successful, however large or small and for however long or short they last. Our project managers are qualified, experienced and highly skilled. Based on your requirements we’ll:

  • Help you assess your project management needs
  • Support your current project managers, functional managers or directors
  • Partner with your business so that we become a valuable asset to call upon
  • Ensure you’ve got the bandwidth to deliver your projects with confidence


list-checkmark Initial meet to assess your requirementsTypical example: You have a 3 month project to deliver a new company website, you're too busy to keep an eye on it day to day so need some help. Most of the services to deliver the site are procured from various trusted companies. projectAlly could initiate the project, identify your requirements, plan, execute, monitor and control it for you. We'll agree that the first few weeks require 3 days a week and then the remainder of the project can be managed 2 days a week, one day in the office and one day remotely.

list-checkmark A project manager for 1 to 5 days per week

list-checkmark Choose onsite, remote or a mix of both

list-checkmark Book time required as you actually need itAdvanced booking may be required.

list-checkmark Only 4 weeks minimum contract!

£ Please Call

With our project managers, you can be sure that you’re on top of your projects, kick-starting the projects that make a difference and allow you to concentrate on driving your business forward. Safe in the knowledge that your projects aren’t suffering in the meantime. If you need project support, but on a more ad-hoc basis check out projectAssist and projectDirect.

projectAlly can help you build a stronger business, delivering the key projects you need with confidence and ultimate flexibility.

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